MENDON VENTURE PARTNERS™ is a venture capital firm

focused on innovative technology firms serving traditional banks

Leverages collective experience, skills, and relationships

of principals that spans 100+yrs across investing, advising & regulation

Manages a VC fund

backed by banks to further adopt and adapt
to the growing needs of digitization, customization, optimization

Force multiplier effect

given network, expertise, and rigor to unlock
and create value while maximizing returns for investors and banks

MVP sits at the intersection of banking & technology

We need both incumbent banks and innovative techs to succeed – strategically, operationally, and financially. This full alignment should translate into fundamental results as well as valuation differentiation among participants. MVP invests, partners, and often acts as if works for our bank LPs and our innovative tech leaders.

Synergistic Partnership Designed to Drive Change

  • Adopting an innovation mindset and understanding of the right technology stack for your institution is critical to competing with new, well funded, banking entrants
  • MVP structure designed to facilitate highly engaged unique relationships between LPs and Tech Innovators
  • GP relationships with top LP decision makers and culture creators help facilitate the necessary mindset to drive culture change from the top
  • Tech leaders benefit from a deeper understanding of specific LP pain-points and limitations, not just broad concepts
  • MVP experience with board advisory can help facilitate cultural buy-in from the top

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©2024 Mendon Ventures